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Escape From Utopia DevLog

re-doing the traffic and pedestrian system

furnished/decorated interiors

Killable civilians

Pedestrians with crossing street functionality

pedestrian pathfinding in city

unlocked vehicle camera for horizontal movement

improved UI for picking up money

loading screens

improved UI for mission status

slow motion powerup

respawn point

weapon vending machine

seamless transitions between city districts (no loading screens)

and with vehicles

1-hit kill Instagib

toggle for retro PS1 filter

asset identifier devtool

placeholder dev pause menu

some examples of destructible items that will populate the city streets and interior levels:

enemy debris

vehicle selection screen

carjacking from NPCs

increased traffic in the city

Half-Life death system (still need to debug):

Weapon damage ranges:

Slow motion updates

Inventory UI changes (outdated):

Updated level structure including props

Base level structure (More customization later)

Older .gif and image updates from earlier builds are available on the Discord server!

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